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5 ways to test pregnancy at home

5 ways to test pregnancy at home

In the earlier days, there was very limited access to knowledge so women used to be very unaware about how to test pregnancy at home. They used to mostly rely on the natural symptoms that showed up after pregnancy. But now if you are wondering about how to test pregnancy at home, there are several methods you can choose from. apart from the usual scientific pregnancy test, these are home remedies to help with taking a pregnancy test.

1. Urine test

This is the most common method women gravitate towards when they are unsure of how to test pregnancy at home, and also a very simple method. The way this works is that you store your urine in a vessel for a few hours without meddling with it in any way. If you check it after those few hours, and there is no change in the sample, that shows you are not pregnant. However, if there is some change in the sample and it looks different than how you originally stored it, then there are chances that you are pregnant.

2. Testing with wheat and barley

This method not only helps figure out if you are pregnant or not but also tells the gender of the baby, which is a win-win situation for all the women who can not figure out how to test pregnancy at home. So the woman is required to pee on seeds of wheat and barley for a number of days and then the real test results lie in which seed grows; if it is wheat, then you are expecting a girl and if barley, you are expecting a boy. If neither, then you are not pregnant.

3. Toothpaste


Never would have anyone thought that something as basic as toothpaste could solve all the problems of how to test pregnancy at home. But surprisingly, this is one of those simple household things that are multipurpose. So in order to test pregnancy using toothpaste, you have to add your urine to a white toothpaste in a bottle/vessel and set it aside for a few hours. If upon checking the mixture, there are some visible changes then this indicates you are pregnant.

4. Bleach

Again, a hidden household gem which can be used for a number of purposes. One of those purposes is that you can check for pregnancy using bleach, adding urine to bleach and noticing any sort of changes in it is an indication of possible pregnancy.

5. Mustard powder

If you love mustard powder, then you should be well aware of the fact that mustard induces periods; quite an unknown fact but true nonetheless. In order to check for pregnancy using mustard powder, if you are suspicious of having missed your periods, you have to include mustard powder in your bath. If your period was simply delayed, then you will get your period after a few days of doing this. However, if you are indeed pregnant, then you will not get your period even after a few weeks of bathing using mustard powder.

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