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2 ways to test your IQ

2 ways to test your IQ

If you ever wonder about how to test your IQ, then there are several different methods and tests for that available. However, an IQ test will only determine the level of human intelligence but leaves out a lot of other practical aspects in which the person could be outstanding. Unfortunately, such traits will not be reflected in the IQ test that he or she decides to take. Following methods and practices will answer your questions regarding how to test your IQ.

1. Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

As the name of this test suggests, this test is aimed at and specifically designed according to the perception of an average adult mind’s intelligence and thinking process; so this basically includes everyone over the age of 16. The main aspects of intelligence that this test focuses on are verbal and performance-based. So based on these 2 main features, the test is also designed accordingly.

There is a verbal comprehension test which will focus on the ability of a person to remember and the strength of his or her memory. It is not an easy job remembering an essay someone has just read out for you and expects you to answer a few questions regarding it. Then there is another test of reasoning and the third test is about working memory. The last, but not the least, aspect which helps you with how to test your IQ using the WAIS method is the processing speed component of this test.

The issue with this test is that it does not accurately measure outstandingly high IQs or poorly low IQs, so if you decide to choose this as your method of how to test your IQ, then you need to be aware of the range of this test.

2. Mensa admission test

Taking a good IQ test is not a very budget friendly way of finding out about your intelligence level. However, luckily enough, there are several alternates online which is designed for those people who are on a budget. Amongst the many expenses that people have piling up in their life, it is always a relief finding out about budget-friendly options on relatively unimportant expenses. One of the many budget-friendly tests for IQ are the Mensa admission tests.

The best part about this test is that it offers membership to the applicants with a higher IQ; the result of this IQ can be a result from the website of this test or any other authorized tests that are available online and even practically. This is one of the most easily accessible IQ tests available in the market even now and another thing to appreciate about this test is that it is extremely affordable compared to the other competitors’ tests.

The time period required for an average person to get done with this IQ test is just around 2 hours. After the 2 hours of this test, you can easily access your results within a very short period of time.

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