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The Automatic VS Quartz Movements | Testing Which is the Best?

The Automatic VS Quartz Movements | Testing Which is the Best?

The debate between quartz and automatic movements gets increasingly heated as watch enthusiasts progress from affordable to mid-market models.

We are all familiar with the terms “Quartz Watch” and “Automatic Watch,” but few people truly know what these names represent. Here, we’ll try to explain the differences between quartz and automatic movement Watches.

Automatic Vs. Quartz Movements

The first quartz mechanism was introduced in the late 1960s, which marked the beginning of a phase in watchmaking. The Swiss watch industry went through a turbulent period as a result of this technological advancement. Compared to conventional Swiss mechanical movements, these Japanese-made quartz calibres were more affordable, more precise, and produced more quickly.

Difference Between Automatic and Quartz Movement

The words “quartz watch” and “automatic watch” refer to the style of movement used to keep time. In most cases, you can’t determine what kind of movement a timepiece has inside it simply by looking at it.

The first thing to note is that if you’re purchasing a watch only based on appearance and style, the difference in both quartz and an automatic movement won’t make any difference to you.

Let’s compare the two moves now that we are certain that we are discussing the merits of the case.

Quartz Movement

Automatic Vs. Quartz Movements

The quartz movement uses a tiny piece of quartz crystal to control the passage of time. Amazing as it may sound, batteries are used to power this mechanism. The hands of a watch that uses a quartz movement are moved precisely by a frequency of crystal vibration that is extremely accurate.

So, it should come as no surprise that quartz movements have emerged as the preferred option for those looking for an everyday timekeeping solution that is both dependable and, dare I say, fashionable and reasonably priced.

From the information provided above, it can be concluded that quartz watches are completely accurate at telling the time and have the added benefit of requiring little maintenance since the battery only needs to be changed occasionally.

Best Brands of Quartz Movement Watches

Several well-known watch brands use quartz movements in their watches. Some of them are listed below.


Automatic Movement

Automatic Vs. Quartz Movements

Battery-powered watches are not mechanical watches. They come in two varieties: manually wound watches and self-winding automatic watches. Because they employ the wearer’s wrist motion to generate energy, automatic timepieces are very common. These watches contain more small components, including a rotor, balance wheel, gear train, and reverse mechanism.

A rotor, which is coupled to the wearer’s movement and then rotates freely, powers automatic timepieces. This revolution winds the mainspring and channels the energy. The time accuracy of these watches is unaffected even when worn for an extended time.

Automatic watches include so many tiny parts and are labour- and time-intensive, automatic timepieces are more expensive. They also need a lot of upkeep because they must be worn every day to stay active.

Best Brands of Automatic Movement

The Automatic movement is used by many well-known watchmaking brands. Following are some of the best brands of automatic movement watches.

  • IWC


From the above explanation, it can be concluded that every watch has specific requirements and needs. A quartz watch can serve you if you’re seeking a more affordable, attractive watch that will consistently tell you the time. Cheap quartz watches are a great way to start the hobby while still getting style and dependability.

However, the enchantment of an automatic watch is difficult to ignore if you want a watch for purposes other than just showing the time. Nothing truly compares to the complexity of an automated movement, but you must be willing to spend more money and spend more time on maintenance.

Both quartz and automatic watch movements are excellent options. Eventually, your preference for the contents in the case will determine which of the two you choose.


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