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Car Dash Cam-Why you need to install and test a dash cam in car

Car Dash Cam-Why you need to install and test a dash cam in car

What is a dashcam? Why did you need to install a dashcam in your car? How to test the power of a dashcam? A car dashcam is a great invention and you must invest in that gadget. Now a day’s these gadgets are not heavy on your pocket. A car dashcam contains a microphone and a camera lens that can record all your road movements. These cameras are easy to install in any kind of vehicle. These cameras are available in basic single lens functions and some models are loaded with advanced functions and dual lenses. The simple cams are designed to record the front road view and the advanced cams can record in-car view and on-road view both at a time, all depends on your needs.

Is it legal to install a dashcam?

The legality of a dashcam installation in any vehicle is dependent on the country laws, but in most countries and states installation of a dashcam is legal. It’s good for surveillance and has a clue for the road incidents and most of the time helps to insurance claims.

What are the reasons to put a dashcam in your vehicle?

The main purpose of a dashcam as we described in the start is to record your on-road movement.

Evidence in case of an accident

Most of the time people use the dashcam for investigating the accident scene. In case of an accident, you can prove easily that you are not faulty, and all the car damage is upon the other car who hit yours.

Perfect for surveillance

Your kid or any other person at home have a chance to get your car and you don’t allow them, or you have rented your car and your driver trying to misguide you on the extra mileages they drove, now there is no chance for them to tell a lie if you have installed the dashcam.

Insurance claims

It’s easy to figure out the accident situation for the insurance companies. Some of the time both parties have no clue of an accident and both claimed the insurance. By installing a dash cam you can easily figure out who is guilty of the accident.

Great for adventure

You are going on vacation with your friends or family and want to record the sights and sounds of the road trip, then install a dashcam and enjoy the fun of recording your entire road or adventure trip.

Parking accidents

You can avoid the parking bumps by installing a dashcam because it provides you a clear picture of your front bumper while parking your car.

How to test a dashcam power?

You need to start a dashcam manually these are not designed to work as reverse cameras that are switched on while you put your car in reverse gear. Most of the time dash cams are connected directly to the vehicle battery, and chances are that these cams are draining your battery while you are not driving your car. To test the camera power is connected directly or not simply switch on your ignition if the camera power turns on then you need to place an on/off switch for your dashcam to prevent the battery drainage. You also need to check the camera working properly before start driving.

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