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What is a car reversing camera, and how it works?

What is a car reversing camera, and how it works?

Reversing view cameras are your hidden eyes to view the back of your car. By using a reversing view camera, you can save your car from bumps, awful accidents, and invisible objects behind the car.

We daily observe many mishaps while reversing a car. In most cases, the driver hasn’t seen something in their back view when turning around backward or parking the car. Maybe you are one of them!

If you are one of them, who needs a vehicle back view camera, this guide will provide you guidance about how a car reversing camera works and saves your car from accidents.

How does a reversing camera work in a vehicle?

Car back view cameras show the back perspective of your vehicle on an interactive monitor screen inside the car. It turns on when you put the reversing gear of your vehicle. How does it work? The camera is connected with the reversing gear. When you select the reverse gear, your multimedia system or monitor switch the camera on and show the back view of your car.

A reversing view camera is installed behind the car between the trunk and license plate of your car. A reversing view camera is an essential part of modern vehicles, and almost all the latest cars have this feature.

You can protect yourself from many back knocks and mishaps by using a back view or reversing camera. There is only one drawback of a reversing camera. It provides a restricted viewpoint.

If an obstacle is behind the back wheel, it cannot show up in the camera. So it’s ideal to use a care reversing camera with a proximity sensor that will make a sound as you approach an obstacle.

What to look for in a car reversing camera when you are going to buy a new one?

There are a lot of companies that manufacture care reversing cameras. Choosing the best car reversing camera is a difficult task. Here I am going to describe some key points that would help you out in buying a good car reversing camera.

Wide-Angle Camera

While buying a new camera, search for a wide-angle camera. It provides you lower picture quality, but it provides a wide-angle view behind your car.

Big Display Monitor

You will need to install a screen monitor if you want to use a car reversing camera. If you don’t have a screen installed in your car and need to buy one, then buy a big screen. Big screens provide a more clear view. You can also use a dedicated back-view screen that only provides the back camera view or use a multimedia system. It is all up to your choice.

Auto Start

Most reversing cameras will start when you select the back gear of your vehicle. It is the best option that you can get from a reversing camera. Never buy a reversing camera that doesn’t switch on when you put your vehicle in back gear.


You have the power to buy a wired or wireless back view camera. Wired or wireless doesn’t make a difference. It is all up to you, buy the one that suits you. A wireless camera is simple to install, but for a wired camera, you will need to do a little bit of wiring stuff. But, in all cases, you will need to connect a wire to the back gear lights of the vehicle.

How to install a car reversing camera in the vehicle?

In case you want to install a car reversing camera by yourself, then it is not a difficult task. You just need some basic gadgets and wiring now how to install a car reversing camera.

All car reversing camera kits come along with installation guides. Just follow the simple instructions and install the camera. But, it is suggested to install it by an expert. It will cost you a little bit, but it will provide you a perfect fitting and a clear view.

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