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car wrap is a large vinyl graphic or decal. It is applied directly to (all or some) painted area of your vehicle. It can immediately change the color and complete appearance of your vehicles, creating space for vibrant, unique and eye-catching branding.

Wrapping is basically the process of using advanced adhesives to apply vinyl material all over the exterior of your car. It is 100% removable.

Some wraps are completely made from printed vinyl stickers which are directly applied on the vehicle. But somehow, these printing stickers are effective and gives better results.

Designer also plays an important role in modifying vehicle. Designer who does wraps on vehicles must have skills and trusted person in this field so that your vehicle look more stunning after wrapping.


When it comes to customizing your car, the first thing that comes to mind is getting it painted. A nicely painted car not only makes a long-lasting impression, but is also striking.

Either painting car may be easy but it is obviously expensive. On the other hand, vinyl wraps is cheap and it covers the body of vehicle which make sure the safety of car. Although vinyl wraps is cheap and better for vehicles body but it has some disadvantages too.

To help you figure out what those pros and cons are, we’ve listed them in this guide.


Highly customizable

Car Wrapping

Car wraps are highly customizable, meaning you can incorporate your favorite color, messages, images and designs while keeping your preferences in mind. By opting for your own vinyl wrap, it will be easy for you to customize your car in a unique way.


A professional advantage of vinyl is that it does not damage the body of vehicle during the removing process as pait does. Vinyl wraps are easily removable which do not effect on the price of vehicle. It is easily removable and better for vehicle body.

Protection of paint

In addition to customizing your exterior, a vinyl wrap also protects your car’s undercoat from scratches, small debris, and sunlight. It protects the  value of car and also saves money on minor repairs to car’s paintwork.

Budget friendly

The price of a car wrapping is lower as  compared to full body paint. It allows to change the body color of your car by spending only a part of what you would spend on the entire car painting process.

Some other benefits of car wrapping

• Wraps make vehicle more beautiful and you can draw your favorite design on vehicles.

• As your vehicle looks stunning after wraps, your vehicle market also increases.

• Vehicle wraps are easily removable, if you want to give your vehicle original color, you can easily remove it.

• Vinyl wrap is cheaper than paint.


Although there are few demerits of Wrapping your vehicle, some people may think the same side that can be negative against vinyl as in any area of ​​customization.

Not good for damage car

Vinyl wrap does not better for those vehicles which have damage in body. It is mostly suitable for vehicles which are completely save and have no daunt. Otherwise, it makes vehicle damage more dominant.

Torn vinyl wrap

A newly wrapped vehicle will look beautiful, but if the wrap gets scratched, the original color of the car will start to show through the wrap. It  causes the vinyl wrap to come off its complete appearance and also reduce the protection that the wrap provides.

High quality wrapping is required

One important disadvantage of vinyl wrapping is, it requires high quality wrapping material. Vinyl material available in both good and bad quality, but if you want really good your vehicle then you need high quality wrap material.


Vinyl wrapping requires an experienced professional to customize your car perfectly. A professional person can make your car more stunning and unique from others.

An unskilled or new person can harm your vehicle. Vinyl  carefully cuts before applying.  A skilled person can do this without damaging the vehicle’s original paint, while an amateur worker can damage your vehicle or it’s paint.

The quality of the wrap is also evident from the edges. An inexperienced installer will leave rough, unfinished edges on panels and curves. It may seem tempting from a distance, but improper installation can damage your client contact opportunities.

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