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Electric Vehicles Are The Future

Electric Vehicles Are The Future

The work for Electric Vehicles had been started for 19th century. Scientist from UK, USA, CANADA, HUNGRY and from other countries worked to make EVs. Different technological batteries had used for this purpose.

It was British inventor named Robert Anderson who introduced first Electric Vehicles in industry conference. He used disposable battery to run the vehicle. At that time, people were prototype towards electric Vehicles.

From 19th century to till day, unexpected revolution has come into electric vehicles. Now policy makers are looking world future in electric vehicles. Different companies are working to invent best model of electric vehicles.

Customers are also loving to use EVs. In 2020, 34 percent of people respond positive and show their interest in purchasing EVs. In March 2021, this ratio increase from 34 to 51 percent. This increase has seen internationally like UK, China, USA, France etc.


Electric vehicles are necessary for future. There are different causes which allow people to turn towards electric vehicles. Let’s discuss them below:


People are facing environment issue globally. Electric vehicles are the best alternative to keep environment clean and safe from catastrophe. Electric vehicles do not release poisoning gases.
Electric vehicles do not produce carbon dioxide. So electric vehicles are the best option to reduce air pollution. It can also reduce noise pollution from the society.


Natural oil assets are decreasing day by day. It is the need of time to safe our world resources. EVs are necessary for it. If world move towards EVs it will reduce the millions barrel of oil for next generation.


Electric vehicles are money saving in comparison with fuel vehicles. These vehicles just required electricity for charging. These vehicles don’t have heavy engine. So it also save maintenance cost.


Electric vehicles have a bright future ahead. EVs can be seen on roads. Customers are getting attention in EVs. People who have fuel business, claiming that they have seen decrease in diesel sale especially in UK. UK has given deadline till 2030 to terminate sales in combustion automobiles.

Developed countries changing policies regarding EVs. UK, USA, CHINA, FRANCE, GERMANY, JAPAN, and so many other countries trying to switch in EVs. Some developing countries like India working to manufacture electric vehicles.

Every manufacturer is trying to manufacture electric vehicles. Some manufacturer companies like Tesla, Audi, Jaguar have electric vehicles 2021 model. But these companies have expensive vehicles that an average person can not afford.

Some other companies like Chevy, Nissan, Ford working to manufacture electric vehicles but in minimum price. So that average person can afford it. If any company manufacture electric vehicles in cheap price it will be changing point in vehicles line.

Last but not least, our future lies in electric vehicle. It will be helpful in different ways like environment friendly, cheap, and specially will reduce the use of fuel. It seems within few years, world will be switched to electric vehicles.

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