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How To Test Furniture Durability

How To Test Furniture Durability

6 ways to test furniture durability

Furniture shopping is not an easy job, especially on your wallet. Since furniture is usually quite expensive, it is only fair that you should be aware of how you can carry out tests or ask the retailer to provide with an assurance that the furniture that they are selling has been through the necessary steps that are required in order to answer to question of how to test furniture durability? It is very important for the customer to be well informed about how to test furniture durability and the methods which are used by furniture companies to ensure the maximum level of safety.

1. Surface testing

Surface testing is a very important step within the list of steps for how to test furniture durability. This is because it really helps to test the durability of the outer surface of the furniture piece. It will be quite disappointing and a huge waste of money if you purchase a piece of furniture and it fades or gets scratched up within a very short span of time after the purchase.

2. Fast aging

Furniture pieces are supposed to be quite long lasting since most furniture companies claim their products to be made using the best quality materials they could find. So, to check for the furniture’s resistance against heat or even lighting can help to assess whether the colour on it fades quickly or peels off, depending on the product.

3. Packaging

The greatest trouble while furniture shopping is the immense struggle of having it transported to the specific location you need it at. The mover companies do not make this process entirely easy either since they are usually very careless and usually end up damaging the furniture. So another way how to test furniture durability can be made easy, is to make sure the furniture has gone through the drop tests which will ensure that the furniture is indeed transported safely.

4. Structural tests

As opposed to the surface tests catering to the exterior of the furniture, the structural tests cater to the actual quality and standards of the furniture pieces. These tests check how the durability of the furniture is after putting it through several generalized forms of strength tests and stability tests.

5. Chemical emissions

Some furniture companies use materials and chemicals that can prove to be quite detrimental not only for the environment but also for your personal health as well. It becomes even a greater issue if you have children, who can inhale such harmful chemicals and develop health conditions. In order to make sure that the furniture you choose to purchase is environmentally and health safety, it is important to check whether the furniture has been tested for chemicals or have it tested for the emissions for your own satisfaction as well.

6. Flame test

In order to ensure fire safety, it is very important to test your furniture for the same. This test check the resistance of the furniture to flame so that it can tell whether any flammable substances or materials were used to produce the furniture.

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