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How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

Water resistance is a feature of most timepieces today. You may not be aware of this, but this does not always imply that they are waterproof or even “water sealed.” We realize that these words can be difficult to understand. Ultimately, all you really want to know is if you can wear your watch when submerged or not. Check here for waterproof swiss replica rolex watches, with 3 years warranty.

When a watch comes into some degree of contact with water, it is said to be water-resistant. For instance, just because your watch has a rating for water resistance on the back that reads “water resistant until 30 meters” doesn’t mean you can use it to scuba dive to that depth.

Most watch companies mention the capability of resisting water on the back side of the watch but have expressed it in different ways. Now, I’m going to tell you what they try to convey about the waterproofness capability of a particular watch.

  • If you see a 30m/3ATM resistance on the back side of your timepiece, it means your watch can bare water splashes and rain. So, if you have this type of watch, don’t try to wear it while swimming and diving into the pool.
  • If you see a 50m/5ATM resistant on the back of your timepiece, it means your watch is waterproof, and you can wear it while swimming but don’t dive in the pool because they aren’t made to bare the splash of diving.
  • If you see a 100m/10ATM resistance on the back of your watch, it means your watch is waterproof and you can wear it while swimming, sailing and snorkelling. I recommend you not to wear this type of water-resistant watch if you are diving from the cliff.
  • If you see a 200m/20Atm resistance on the stainless steel side of your watch, it means your watch is waterproof and can be used for any type of watersports such as diving, swimming, cliff diving etc.

It’s also wise to be aware that your watch is probably not even water-resistant against splashes or sweating if it lacks any language or symbols indicating waterproofness.

What to do if moisture appears inside the glass of your watch?

Most of us have often seen that although the watch is waterproof or water-resistant, fog-like moisture appears inside the glass after the water contacts the watch. Your watch may not actually be leaking if this is the case. If a watch abruptly cools down, moisture may start to develop.

The liquid inside the watch condenses into a thin fog on the inside of the glass. This dampness will eventually return after some time. Your watch may not be waterproof and will need to be fixed if the drops are larger. If that’s the case, make the necessary repairs right away to prevent future harm.

What is a watch waterproof pressure test?

Waterproof pressure testing is the best way to test your watch whether is waterproof or not. Most watch companies do this testing before launching their watch in the market with the help of watch waterproof testers.

I know in your mind, you probably thinking that for a simple test of a watch, why do you have to waste your money on such things. The same thing comes to my mind but we are not forcing you to buy a whole waterproof tester. I’m writing it for those who love to collect watches and want to know that even still their collectable watches are waterproof or not?

If you don’t want to buy the whole machine, then you can simply go to any watchmaker and ask them to do a pressure test on your watches. For the collector of different watches, it is very important because you don’t know about the seal of your collectable watch may be damaged or broken.

Testing of the watch with a waterproof pressure tester

You insert the watch into a pressure chamber while initially holding it above the water to use a watch waterproof tester. By applying pressure to the chamber, you can check to determine if the seals are leaking. This will manifest itself in the form of air entering the watch. You can submerge the watch once you’ve made sure it’s waterproof above the surface. The watch is airtight if no bubbles leak from the case.
However, keep in mind that if the pressure is too great, the crystal could blow up inside the chamber.

5 Best waterproof smartwatches to buy in 2022

In the current day market, you have a lot of options to select a smartwatch that will suit your personality but due to a lot of options, you are still confused and don’t know which brand or company watch have the best features and reliability.

Well, most of the smartwatch companies introducing good products and are reliable but on the other hand, many other brands and companies are not as reliable as you might expect. So, for your benefit, we conducted our own thorough testing to identify the five that we believe you should choose over all others at this time.

Here are the 5 best waterproof smartwatches you should buy in 2022.

1. Garmin Vivoactive 3

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

The user-friendly Garmin Vivoactive 3 has a lot to offer. The wristwatch contains a built-in GPS and various built-in sports apps, including ones for running, cycling, snowboarding, and more. The smart features of this watch include notifications for apps, texts, calls, alarms, and other events. Garmin Pay is the smartwatch’s payment system.

The Garmin Viviactive 3 can measure various physical activities, your sleep and stress patterns, as well as your heart rate cycle. It is one of the top waterproof smartwatches which gives you a premium quality and stylish look.

2. boAT Xtend

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

boAt Xtend must be included in our list of the top waterproof smartwatches. It includes features like a heart rate monitor, SPO2 monitor, sleep cycle monitor, menstrual cycle monitor, and more, this little smartwatch makes keeping track of health activities quite simple.

Additionally, the smartwatch has an integrated Alexa, which at this price point is rather remarkable. Automatic motion detection is possible with boAt Xtend. In terms of appearance, the boAt Xtend has a respectable appearance and solid construction. With this smartwatch, you have access to 14 distinct sports modes, such as running, swimming, and jogging.

3. Fitbit Versa

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

This is going to be a favourite option for those of you seeking the most value for your money because it is the least expensive item on our list. To put it simply, you are receiving a fantastic smartwatch for your money.

The Fitbit Versa wristwatch includes 15 different fitness programmes, can track your activity and sleep around the clock, is waterproof up to 50 meters, and has a library of more than 500 helpful apps. It can also store up to 300 songs that you can playback and download.

4. Fire Boltt 360

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

The Fire-Boltt 360, a beautiful wristwatch with a rotating bezel and a cheaper price point, has a variety of watch faces. With its enlarged 1.3-inch display, the wristwatch can track SPO2, heart rate, sleep cycle, stress level, and more.

Additionally, the smartwatch has a tonne of built-in games to keep you entertained. A stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, and reminder are additional functions. This smartwatch, which can last up to eight days on its battery, is undoubtedly a wonderful choice for under $3,000 in price.

5. Amazfit GTS 2

How to test your watch whether it is waterproof or not?

The name Amazfit is well-known in the modern smartwatch market. These smartwatches have a significant fan base because of their unique combination of functions and design.

This amazing timepiece is one of the best waterproof smartwatches all across the world. It also offers many additional features. The three most important ones in them are built-in Alexa, real-time cardiac monitoring, and blood oxygen level monitoring. The assisted Bluetooth calling capability on this smartwatch is well-known and great. The visual experience is improved even further by the 1.65-inch AMOLED display.


When searching for the best waterproof smartwatches, there are many factors to take into account, such as price range, dial size, battery life, construction quality, etc. After that is over, you can choose any item from the list above. For me, the ideal choice is Amazfit GTS 2 because it is one of the best waterproof smartwatches that offers you a lot of options and features.

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