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Step by step method to test food for glucose

Step by step method to test food for glucose

It is very important for your health that you are aware of the food that you are putting into your body. Most of the time it happens that people are allergic to the most basic ingredients/ chemicals in food yet they are completely unaware of it. This lack of knowledge can really take a toll on the health as time passes by and you grow older.

If you are someone who has a health condition or are generally allergic/ reacts to glucose then this method is perfect for you to figure out how to test a food sample for glucose. If you are unsure of how to test a food sample for glucose then all you have to do is follow this simple step by step method.

1. Equipment needed

In order to carry out this experiment, first, you need to make sure you have the required equipment so that there are no hindrances while carrying out the test. The most important must have equipment are test tubes, beaker, glass rod and grinder. Moreover, you will need a spatula for the food granules as well.

2. Materials

Once you are sure that you have all the equipment listed above to help with this process of how to test a food sample for glucose, and then you need the actual material on which you will carry out the rest of the steps in this method. Most importantly, you will need the food sample which you want to test. The second most important material that you need is distilled water. You will also need chemical strips which change colour when they react to certain chemicals/materials.

3. Method

So there are two ways to test depending on the consistency of the food that you need to check. If it is a liquid then the method for that does not require a lot of steps. If it is a food in solid form, then you need to grind the solid into the grinder and pick a small amount of it to put in the test tube that you have set up. Add an equal proportion of the distilled water to the food sample that you have put in the test tube and let it sit for a while. Dip the glass rod into that mixture a drop a few drops of that liquid onto the chemical strips so that the colour tests area of the strip is soaked in that liquid mixture.

Now as the time goes by, the colour of the strip will start to change a bit and the way you can check for the glucose content is referring to the chart that comes with the chemical strips and that chart will display an array of different colours, each of which displays different chemicals. If the colour in the chart corresponding the glucose, matches the actual colour on the strip you have just used, then that will show the glucose content. This is how to test a food sample for glucose and the same method repeats for liquids as well.

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