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3 ways to check for water purity at home

3 ways to check for water purity at home

This question arises too often, how to test water purity at home? The problem with this question is that testing for the purity of water is a very difficult thing to achieve just from the comfort of your home. Every single day there are so many different companies which are releasing bottled water and claiming to be purest out of all the other companies who have similar, if not the exact same, claims about their company’s bottled water.

Contaminated or unpure water is a major issue that several countries are tackling with currently. While the water visibly seems quite clean and pure, that is not usually the case. there is always a percentage of contamination present in the water and that can prove to be quite harmful to your health. Most companies end up using harsh chemicals to kill off the bacteria in the water which is also not healthy if consumed. So here are few of the best, yet limited ways which solve the problem of how to test water purity at home.

1. Cloudiness

If you are suspicious of the purity of water you are using, then this is one of the easiest ways which could help with how to test water purity at home. Pick out a clean glass and fill it with the water you usually consume on a daily basis. Hold that clean glass either outside in natural light or against any other light inside your home. If the water is crystal clear then visibly, your water is pure. However, if you can notice particles floating around in it or are unable to see clearly through the glass of water that means there is some content in it which is making the water undrinkable.

2. Smell

Another simple method of checking for water purity at home is to smell the water you consume on a day to day basis. Hold up the water and smell it; if there are any unpleasant scents that you are picking up from the glass of water, that means that the water is not pure. The water should not smell of anything since it is a natural thing and needs to preservatives or additions to it. Hence any form of smell means that there is some sort of chemical additions in the water in the bottling process of it or the water just has some natural bacterial or other contents mixed in.

3. Purity test

There are several companies who make simple water purity tests which you can use at home. They come with an easy step by step guideline about how to test water purity at home and that makes things a lot easier for the layman to follow. The purity tests include a whole kit which has different components in it which help to test for the water purity such as ph strips and charts to check the resulting colours on that strip; the best part is that these tests do not even cost a lot of money so they are easily accessible for everyone.


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