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Car Wipers-How to test a car wind screen wiper needs maintenance

Car Wipers-How to test a car wind screen wiper needs maintenance

It’s raining and you are driving on the road suddenly you noticed that your windscreen wipers are not working. How many times did you face the same problem? Have you ever checked your car windscreen wiper before going outside? That situation happened a lot of time with the car users and they never pay attention to checking the functionality of the wiper. If you are one of them you are in danger of getting an accident in the rainy season.

Many of us think that the wipers of a car windscreen do not need to maintain, but they are really in need to work properly for your road safety. The poor or not working wipers may catch you an accident on the road in the rain while the rain on windscreens blocking your visibility. It’s easy to figure out the problem and solve the issues by keeping these lines in your mind.

What are the symptoms of a bad wiper or wiper not working?

You may face these issues and these all can easily be handled by yourself with some knowledge, and we are there to provide the solution and knowledge for these common car windscreen wiper issues.

  • Wiper blades working on a single speed
  • Wiper blades don’t work
  • Wiper blades making noise while working
  • Wiper blades not cleaning the screen
  • Wiper blades working on a single speed

If you are facing slow speed or wipers working on the single-speed the wiper relay is not working properly. The function of the relay is to send the electrical speed signal to the wiper motor. By changing the relay you can solve the issue, you can change the relay by yourself if have some basic electrical knowledge or can contact any auto mechanic.

Wiper blades don’t work

This problem is also related to the relay, but if after changing the relay you are still facing the issue than the chances are your wiper movement motor is damaged. The chances are very rear and you don’t have the solution other than a motor replacement. But first of all check the relay never goes for directly motor replacement option.

Wiper blades making noise while working

That’s the main problem every person having a car face, you just switch your wiper on and hear an annoying sound. That would happen when your wiper motor is not getting enough power to operate. You can get rid of this problem by replacing the relay also. You can say that the main reason behind the wiper not working is a relay connected to the wiper motor.

Wiper blades not cleaning the screen

That’s another major problem we face while driving in the rain. Our windscreen wipers are working well and there is no noise but the problem is that they are not cleaning the windscreen. What to do? In that case, you need to replace the wiper blade rubbers. Some of the time the wiper rubber blades damage in the weather conditions and you need to have a check on them and if you notice to replace them don’t waste your time and go for a replacement as soon as possible. You need a good wiper rubber blade that is flexible and the size is appropriate according to your windscreen.

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